It is recommended that skylights are maintained on a regular basis, as this can eliminate the expense of high repair costs in the long term. With regular cleaning and maintenance, problems can be detected at an early stage and repaired timeously. Depending on the skylight system,single damaged glass panels can be replaced - as shown in this photo.  


Skylight Repairs and Maintenance

Clean__repair_Before21693.jpg Clean__repair_After21693.jpg Rudolf_121693.jpg Rudolf_221693.jpg Mark_321693.jpg Mark_121693.jpg George_Robertson_521693.jpg George_Robertson_121693.jpg Skylights_84621693.jpg Skylights_85221693.jpg repair 2-2152.JPG repair 3-3410.JPG Repairs 1-897.JPG repairs 4-2226.JPG repairs 5-2651.JPG repair 6-182.JPG repair 7-2138.JPG repair 8-14.JPG


Glass ridge pyramid skylight system before cleaning and repair 1