Skylight replacement will be offered to a client should the existing skylight system be damaged to an extent that it is not economical to repair or if the existing skylight does not comply with proper skylight regulations. See before and after photos below of skylight systems that have been replaced. 

Skylight replacement Before and After

ahmet_BEFOE21877.jpg Ahmet_after21877.jpg passerail_1before21877.jpg plasserail_7after21877.jpg Dave_121877.jpg Dave_221877.jpg Glen_121877.jpg Glen_221877.jpg Replacement-2951.JPG replacement 2-770.JPG replacement 3-2520.JPG replacement 4-1376.JPG replacement 5-2942.JPG replacement 7-1761.JPG replacement 6-2548.JPG replacement 8-3237.JPG


Skylight glazing badly delaminated and existing frame had no condensation outlets. See next photo for upgraded skylight system.