All our skylight systems are custom made to suit our clients needs. The frames are cut and welded together from 3mm extruded aluminium sections. 6.38mm PVB laminated safety glass is used on most of our domestic skylight system which is produced in a wide range of tints to suit the comforts and requirments of the modern home today. The photos below show various skylight systems.

New Skylight systems

Eddies_phone_17421875.jpg 0511200855921875.jpg 1604200987921875.jpg Eddies_phone_04521875.jpg Eddies_phone_05321875.jpg Skylights_33121875.jpg Skylights_33221875.jpg Shayleigh_camera_19121875.jpg Skylights_32221875.jpg Skylights_32421875.jpg IMG1647-1708.JPG IMG1252-606.JPG Elisma-4367.JPG Elizma after 6-91.JPG IMG1558-2110.JPG IMG1559-2463.JPG new 2-2005.JPG new skylight 2-3858.JPG new skylight 3-3495.JPG


This is a custom glass pyramid skylight which has been fitted and sealed to a brick upstand. Electric remote opening windows are fitted to this skylight to improve ventilation as there are no windows in the room below.