Skylight Repairs and Replacement
New Skylight systems

Eddies_phone_17421875.jpg 0511200855921875.jpg 1604200987921875.jpg Eddies_phone_04521875.jpg Eddies_phone_05321875.jpg Skylights_33121875.jpg Skylights_33221875.jpg Shayleigh_camera_19121875.jpg Skylights_32221875.jpg Skylights_32421875.jpg IMG1647-1708.JPG IMG1252-606.JPG Elisma-4367.JPG Elizma after 6-91.JPG IMG1558-2110.JPG IMG1559-2463.JPG new 2-2005.JPG new skylight 2-3858.JPG new skylight 3-3495.JPG


This is a custom glass pyramid skylight which has been fitted and sealed to a brick upstand. Electric remote opening windows are fitted to this skylight to improve ventilation as there are no windows in the room below.