It is recommended that skylights are maintained on a regular basis, as this can eliminate the expense of high repair costs in the long term. With regular cleaning and maintenance, problems can be detected at an early stage and repaired timeously

Skylight replacement will be offered to a client should the existing skylight system be damaged to an extent that it is not economical to repair or if the existing skylight does not comply with proper skylight regulations. See before a

All our skylight systems are custom made to suit our clients needs. The frames are cut and welded together from 3mm extruded aluminium sections. 6.38mm PVB laminated safety glass is used on most of our domestic skylight system which is produced in a

We offer a cleaning service which is tailored for your specific needs. We pride ourselves on service excellence and attention to detail. With our dedicated team providing undivided attention to  each clean, customers can rest assured knowin